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[Fly N High] OG Dream


Sativa Dominant Hybrid (OG Kush x Blue Dream)

[Fly N High] Sour Purple Pineapple


Hybrid (Sour Diesel x Purple Mr. Nice x Pineapple Haze)

[Fly N High] Pineapple Cherry Pie (Hybrid)


Indica Dominant Hybrid (Pineapple Haze x Cherry Pie)

[Shattered Dreams] Chemdawg x OG Kush

Rated 4.00 out of 5
(Based on 1 review)

Tested at  73.23% THC by Sequoia Analytics. Amazing flavor and potency, very stable shatter even in this Sacramento heat!

[First Class Concentrates] Critical Mass 1:1 CBD


Live Resin shatter from multiple Hightimes Cannabis Cup award winner, First Class Concentrates

FNH “The Flying V” Pack


5 Grams for $100
1 gram Sour Haze
1 gram Sour Purple Pineapple
1 gram Dream Kush
1 gram Cherry Pie
1 gram OG Dream