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[Dutch Farms] Valentine X – CBD Tincture 7.5ml


Valentine X– (a 50/50 Hybrid variant of AC/DC) with exceptional healing powers and a CBD:THC ratio of 25:1 The plant is named for St.Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy. Many find ValentineX to be a great help for Seizure Disorders, Inflammation, and when treating cancer.

[Dutch Farms] Cannatonic – CBD Tincture 7.5ml


Cannatonic– (genetics from MK Ultra & G-13 Haze) CBD/THC ratio of 1:1 or better. May relieve Anxiety, prevent certain Cancers, inhibit Seizures, treat OCD, and so much more.

[Dutch Farms] Blue Dream – CBD Tincture 7.5ml


Blue Dream: (a blueberry indica with the sativa haze). Generally used as a daytime medicine to treat pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.

[Dutch Farms] Active – CBD Tincture 15ml


Active & Day: (are a blend of sativa hybrids) used for a variety of discomforts, such as nausea, cramping/muscle aches, headaches/migraines, pain.

[Yummi Karma] 4:1 Medical Cannabis Tincture **240mg CBD 60mg THC**


FOUR TO ONE is four parts awesome and one part amazing. With 4 parts CBD to 1 part THC, it’s a formula tried and true to help calm your body by helping with inflammation and pain. It will also help calm your soul by helping with anxiety.

[Stanley Brothers] Hybrid 300mg 1:1 CBD 150/ THC 150mg 30ml (Mint Chocolate)


Stanley Brothers alcohol-free tinctures are a sub-lingual delivery of thc, thc-a, and cbd in a smooth textured, richly flavored, fractionated (mct) coconut oil.

[Yummi Karma] 20:1 Medical Cannabis Tincture **300mg CBD**


TWENTY TO ONE is twenty parts CBD to one part THC. 300mg CBD; 15mg THC

Everyday PLUS Dietary Supplement, Mint Chocolate


Fight minor mind and body stresses that life sends your way with Everyday Plus hemp extract!

We’re committed to the quality and consistency of our products. To ensure they’re the best on the market, we’ve bred our own unique strain of hemp: Charlotte’s Web™.

Charlotte’s Web™ delivers the best blend of the good stuff—cannabinoids, fatty acids and naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

We nurture each plant from seed to sale. The process begins on our Colorado family farms, and ends at our FDA approved production facility. Before any batch leaves our facility, we test it to guarantee it meets our high standards. Each bottle of hemp oil we deliver is packed with the highest quality whole-plant extracts.

Enjoy daily to counter minor mind and body stresses.