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Henoks take on Pie by Beezle

Meet @nuttynook 😊🍍 One of our best dispatchers and an avid dabber!! We asked him to explain what he thought of @team_beezle Pie Live Resin Sauce.. this is what he says😎

Why I chose it:
I trust my nose👃 and from the moment I opened that jar I just knew it’d taste amazing and had to try it. I also really enjoy hybrid strains that aren’t too heavy, like Sunset Sherbet or Wedding Cake, and having tried cherry pie in the past I thought this might be similar. Citrus and pine notes on the nose (from the jar) Almost a gassy sweetness on the inhale when dabbing at the right temp. Goes down smooth and tickles your nose hairs on the exhale.

Indica dominant hybrid effects
Starts off with a nice body high that does transition a bit into a more uplifting and energetic feeling. Towards the end of the high the indica effects takeover and you feel nice and relaxed. No negatives from my experience.

I’ve dabbed a few different strains from Beezle and they all have been hitters. From the Blue Goo to the Boss OG, each time I try one they surprise me again with the quality. I’d definitely recommend taking a leap and diving into some great tasting, strong, smoooooth dabs with me

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