Inside Jetty’s Oakland Extraction Facility

Inside Jetty’s Oakland Extraction Facility

Keme Owens with their festival Jetty truck

Crafted in Oakland, California from select, sun-grown cannabis with all-natural cannabis terpenes, Jetty Extracts have a unique flavor, potency and purity within their products that keep people coming back for more.  Our Humble Root family was lucky enough to be allowed to visit and tour their on-site facilities where we got a behind the scenes take of what makes Jetty Extracts a truly unique cannabis company.

Since 2013, the mission of Jetty has been focused on variety, the standards of care and the craft they put into sourcing materials, and the implementation of a superior method of extraction and statewide distribution. Working within the law, Jetty never cuts corners and never compromises their values.

Jetty sums it up best on their website, “Our job is to keep our freestyle approach to hand-crafted cannabis products while keeping in mind how they might be a part of and enrich the world we live in.”

This is the turnkey solutions machine that separates and removes the impurities from the oil

When entering into their lab, we were met with the new state of the art Root Science machine known as the Turnkey Solutions.  The Turnkey is a short path distillation machine made for the cannabis industry.

This machine can refine cannabis and hemp concentrates into a golden clear distillate that can be infused into a variety of products such as fine oils to be used in vape cartridges and tinctures.  The machine heats up the oil and has small wipers inside that separate the oil by molecular weight and boiling points. By using molecular separation the Jetty specialists can separate the THC from the terpenes, lipids, impurities and solvents, leaving an odorless and clear golden distillate.  

Jetty sets standards for the various stages of production, by implementing their 5-step process called “Receiving to Leaving.”   First, they receive raw material (the whole plant), which is acquired by their local farms. It enters their intake, where it is then put into an automatic quarantine section.  A sample of that whole plant material is then taken out, and a micro extraction is taken and sent off for testing.

When the sample passes, Jetty, then proceeds with production for all of their many products such as their Gold line, disposable vape pens, the Botanic line (which is made with all natural flavors) and many more.  By experimenting with different extraction techniques, perfecting design and introducing new strains, Jetty has the opportunity to raise the bar and offer truly innovative, and distinctively different cannabis products.  

Each cart is manually filled to ensure proper weight and packaging accountability

One product that Jetty has been working and collaborating with is the PAX Era pods.  Manually filled by the Jetty staff themselves, this ensures proper weight and packaging as well as accountability for their products.  Another new idea that has come out of Jetty family is The Dablicator. This product is an easier way to dispense oil with just a simple twist of the wrist.  

An exciting new product they showed us was  their Session Cart. The Session Cart is a highly refined distillate with a 3:1 THC to CBD ratio for a relaxed, mellow high. Like a great session IPA, it’s got a lot of flavor and complexity but with a little less of a punch—in a good way that is.


Just like Humble Root, Jetty believes that cannabis can elevate any, and all experiences. Whether it be getting together with friends, enjoying an active and creative lifestyle, or even a little “me time.”  You deserve a moment of relaxation.

Caring and relief is the goal, but giving back to the community is the name of the game.  Humble Root believes in this as well and we’ve worked closely with the Sacramento Food Bank and, most recently, the Firefighters Burn Institute as a way of giving back and to help out our communities and those in need.  

Jetty started a Shelter Project back in 2014 in which they help patients get cannabis that they otherwise couldn’t afford, doing a 1 for 1 program.  For every Jetty cart that is purchased, Jetty donates oil to a cancer patient in need, thus giving back to the community as well. By companies like Jetty giving back to the community and staying connected with what patients need, you can count on them being around for a long time. 


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