Kanha Gummies and our very own @Chanel_Sweets_Smokes

Kanha Gummies and our very own @Chanel_Sweets_Smokes

I’ve always been a huge fan of edibles in general and the affects that they have on me. I eat an edible on a daily basis and have my go to companies to keep me where I need to be. We had just got a new batch of Kanha edibles on the menu and once I saw that you dose yourself, I was sold! I choose the Kanha Watermelon Gummies because I love that flavor. I like being able to choose how much I can eat at any given time and that they will be dosed correctly (10mg each). The fact that they are small pieces and I don’t have to eat a whole bag of cookies per say, is a real big seller for me

I generally eat at least 100 to 200mg a day of edibles so I started off with 70mg to start just to see if I would feel anything at around 6:40 pm. They tasted really good, didn’t have any sort of after taste of oily or weed, which was nice.

I noticed the affects starting to kick in around 7:30, which was quicker, then I had expected but it was a pleasant come up. I noticed a kick of energy that lead me to believe it was more of a sativa edible. I felt a heady high that hit between and behind the eyes almost like a Haze would. I was super productive, cleaned my house, did some laundry and was super motivated and happy to do so.

I started to feel the come down close to 10pm, which was a few hours of the medicated affects off of only 70mg, which is impressive.

Only negative I found with this product was that there was no label stating as to what affect you are about to experience. I didn’t see on any of the packaging whether the product was an Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid, so I went in kind of blind as to what effect I was about to experience.

Overall I really enjoyed the Kanha edibles and their affects they had on me and for the amount of time it lasted. I was happy and focused at the task at hand and will definitely be buying these again and again.



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