DEALERS - 1g Tropicana Cookies (510 Thread) - Dealers
1g Tropicana Cookies (510 Thread) - Dealers
THC: 75.0%
Take a trip to the tropics with a 1g Tropicana Cookies vape cartridge from Dealers! A sativa dominant cross between GSC and Tangie, the smell and flavor of Tropicana Cookies is citrus forward, with blasts of sweet dough and floral herbaceousness. The high is uplifting and energizing, making you prone to giggles, chattiness, and focus, so it’s ideal for a party with friends or coping with nausea or mood disorders. Next time you need a tropical vacation in your back yard, you’ll know where to look! At Dealers Oil Co, high quality, affordable concentrate isn't just a goal, it's a habit.
1 gram
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