Kalya Extracts - 1g Rainbow Belt Live Rosin - Kalya Extracts
1g Rainbow Belt Live Rosin - Kalya Extracts
THC: 73.0%
With this 1g Rainbow Belt Live Rosin from Kalya Extracts, you're in for a majestic ride. Rainbow Belts is a Hybrid strain originating from a Moonbow X Zkittlez cross that is suitable for use at any time of day. This Hybrid has floral, grapefruit, and spicy flavors with an earthy undertone upon exhale. Live Rosin is a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate derived from either flower or hash. Fresh frozen flower is processed into hash, which is then pressed throughout a fine mesh to remove impurities to create live rosin. Kalya Extract's mission is simple: perfection. By focusing on ways to improve production and highlight resin in the best possible way, they can provide a connoisseur experience that's different from the rest.
1 gram
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