Monterey Kush Co. - 3.5g Cherry Blossom - Monterey Kush Co. x Sours
3.5g Cherry Blossom - Monterey Kush Co. x Sours
Imagine a warm, easygoing walk in the sunshine - relaxing, bright, and filled with wonder. That’s what you can expect with 3.5g Cherry Blossom from Monterey Kush Co. Cherry Blossom is an indica leaning hybrid strain with unclear origins, though it’s thought to have Berry Blossom or Cherry Pie in it’s lineage. The aroma and flavor remind you of a cherry grove: sweet cherries, earth, and pine. The high is mellow and serene, with an uplifting mental boost and a relaxing, soothing body high that eases aches and pains as well as alleviating stress and anxiety. A great strain for relaxation at any time of day! As cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs, Monterey Kush Co is committed to showcasing unique varieties that provide consumers with an exceptional experience. Collaboration with SOURS.
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