UpNorth - 3.5g GMO (Indoor) - UpNorth
3.5g GMO (Indoor) - UpNorth
THC: 40.9%
Product Description
Experience boutique quality with this indoor flower jar containing 3.5 grams of the strain GMO from UpNorth farms. GMO Cookies is known for their ability to relieve pain without putting you to bed in the process. The Chemdawg ancestry in GMO provides a petrol smell layered with coffee and fruit, while its GSC parentage provides a sweet and earthy flavor. The brand represents a strong belief that Humboldt’s love and connection to the land is responsible for producing the best cannabis available on the planet. Their extreme appreciation of the craft that has been perfected over generations is what makes UpNorth’s service & products stand out from the rest.

Strain Lineage
An Indica-dominant strain crossed between Chemdog and GSC.

Possible Effects
Munchies, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Euphoric

Flavor Notes & Aromas
Fuel, Coffee, Earthy
1/8 oz
Price per unit
This product is no longer available.

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