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After your documents have been received, you can place an order online, phone, text or email. In order to order online you will need to create a website account. Please click "my account" in the top right to create an account to our EShop. Once you create your account, you can place an order online.
After your order is finalized, we will begin to package your order as quickly as possible for our couriers. The next available courier will depart with your order within the hour. Our couriers will first greet you with a phone call as they pick up your order from the office. They will ask you if you are prepared for delivery, inform you with their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and any other specific instructions to ensure an efficient experience. We please ask all new and current members to provide a safe environment in your residence for our couriers as well as yourselves for presentation. For the safety of all parties, we have a NO KNOCK POLICY after 9:00pm as couriers will call when they arrive. For compliance purposes, all products must be delivered to a house or a residential apartment. We cannot service on public property, businesses, school campus commons/housing, hotels/motels/extended stays, or inside any vehicles. We deeply respect your right to privacy. If you have any concerns or requests for discretion with the delivery process, please inform the courier or dispatch when your order is placed.
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Refund/Exchange Policy
Humble Root Refund and Exchange Policy Our goal is to improve quality of life for all members of the Humble Root family. We will make the return process as painless as we can. All returns will go through the Humble Root office. Couriers do not have the authority to approve returns. Please call/text the office at (916) 793-5182 for any questions. You may also email any returns or refunds questions to We stand by the quality of all the products we sell to our patients. We Stay Humble.Refunds • All items must be returned by the next business day after the purchase to be eligible for refund. • Refunds for defective product will be brought out to patients for no additional cost. • Refunded items must be entirely unused, all flower and wax will be weighed upon return. • Refunds for items that are not damaged or faulty will be subject to a Restocking fee ($20). • Your refund will be processed and brought out to you within two business days of your request.Exchanges • All items to be exchanged must be done with three business days of purchase. • Exchanges for identical product due to defective product will be done for no additional cost. • Exchanges for product due to “change of heart” will be subject to a shipping and handling fee($20) unless processed along with another order. • Exchanges due to “change of heart” must be unopened and unused, all flower and wax will be weighed upon return. • We reserve the right to deny any exchanges.