Pearl Pharma – Bringing the SoCal exotics to Sacramento!

Meet Bethany!  She’s a Veteran Dispatcher at Humble Root and has years of experience working with dispensaries. She’s developed a nose for quality. We asked her to explain what she thought of our new product, the Mango Cookies from Pearl Pharma, and this is what she had to say-

I’m a big fan of hybrids and cookie related strains, so I was excited to try out the Mango Cookies by Pearl Pharma.  The tricombs were very visible and the sweet aroma filled the air, which is mainly why I choose it.  I was curious as to what the genetics were and found out that it is a cross between Somango (Big Skunk x Jack Herer) and the Cripple Creek Cookies (Monster Cookies x Starburst Buddha).  It gave this very sweet and fruity, almost citrusy smell and can definitely see why they named it Mango. 

            The actual bud itself smoked pretty well; although the buds were big they were a bit dry – hopefully just my luck?  I rolled it up into a few joint as well as smoked it out of a pipe, however the affects didn’t seem to be altered due to its texture.  The high started out very sativa dominant that made me feel more focused and social, without the anxiety can sometimes occur from a sativa.  The more I smoked the more I was over come with the giggles and a prominent body high.  After a couple of hours (which was 1 bowl and 3 joints in) I began to feel more of the indica effects.  I felt very cozy on my couch and the initial motivation to accomplish things dissipated into a relaxed and lazy body high.  The high lead to major munchies so be warned!

            Overall I did enjoy the Mango Cookies despite the dryness and extreme case of the munchies that resulted in eating 2 bowls of popcorn. I look forward to trying more of their strains as much and as often as I can.

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