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[Korova] Peanut Butter Dip Cookie *250mg*

Korova’s Peanut Butter Dip is made from a classic recipe and is loaded with crunchy peanuts. They then dip it in chocolate, a Korova customer favorite. 250mg THC.

[Korova] White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie *150mg THC*


The new White Chocolate Pistachio has big white chocolate chunks in a delicious cookie with plenty of pistachios. A fantastic combination.

[Korova] Reverse Dip Cookie **250mg**


Our Reverse Dip is a rich, double chocolate chip cookie with a twist. Dipped in white chocolate. 250mg THC.

[Korova] Mint Dip **250mg**


Our mint dip cookie is a luscious, double chocolate chip cookie with smooth, creme de menthe chips blended in for a refreshing chocolate experience. Dipped in gourmet mint chocolate. 250mg THC

[Korova] Saturday Morning **150mg**

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Our new Saturday Morning Cookie is a fruit rice cereal cookie with mini marshmallows. it conjures up memories of eating cereal and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

[Clear] Brownie Chips – 150mgs


Made with only the finest raw ingredients, The Clear Edibles are handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Every crunchy bite is infused with The Clear for delicious flavor and maximum effectiveness.

[Heavenly Sweet] NFR Berry Crunch Crisp Treat


So “berry” delicious, even a Captain would envy this treat. Part of our Not-for-Rookies (NFR) line, this product is for patients who have a higher tolerance and need a product with a higher dosage. The NFR Berry Crunch Treat is made with crunchy berry-flavored multi-grain cereal and melted marshmallows, finished with a touch of white chocolate. This product contains +/- 294 mg of THC per package.

[Korova] Salted Caramel Blondie **500mg**


Enjoy the deep, rich buttery caramel taste of our new Blondie. This delectable treat is a non-chocolate alternative bringing the potency you desire with the sweet tooth satisfying flavors you crave.

[Korova] Mint Black Bar *1,000mg*


Our infamous 1,000mg THC Black Bar with the ever popular mint addition of Andes mint baking chips and mint drizzle.

[Korova] Black Bar **1000mg**


Our most potent product. The Black Bar contains double the chocolate and double the potency, a full 1,000mg THC. Recommended solely for those with extreme pain and a high tolerance.