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[Yummi Karma] Mood Magic – 240mg


This is for you know, that time of the month. A tincture that combines cannabis with herbs in order to promote uterine health, mood elevation, and all the symptoms that comes from Aunt Flo. Ingredients – MCT Oil, Eleuthero Extract, Dandelion Root Extract, Raspberry Leaf Extract, Maca Root Extract, Damiana Extract, Cannabis

[Yummi Karma] Drift Away – 300mg


DRIFT AWAY to a peaceful night’s sleep. The calming properties of lavender, chamomile and melatonin, along with THC, bring any evening the Zen it deserves. Talk about sweet dreams! Contains 300mg THC

[Yummi Karma] Love Potion 420 Tincture **150mg THC**


*As seen on* There’s a reason LOVE POTION #420 is getting so much press…IT WORKS! Get in the mood with our special blend of natural aphrodisiacs. With 150mg THC and 60mg CBD, it will put a spell on you!

[Yummi Karma] 1:1 Medical Cannabis Tincture **150mg CBD**


ONE TO ONE is one part CBD to one part THC. 150mg CBD; 150mg THC

[Yummi Karma] 4:1 Medical Cannabis Tincture **240mg CBD 60mg THC**


FOUR TO ONE is four parts awesome and one part amazing. With 4 parts CBD to 1 part THC, it’s a formula tried and true to help calm your body by helping with inflammation and pain. It will also help calm your soul by helping with anxiety.

[Stanley Brothers] Hybrid 300mg 1:1 CBD 150/ THC 150mg 30ml (Mint Chocolate)


Stanley Brothers alcohol-free tinctures are a sub-lingual delivery of thc, thc-a, and cbd in a smooth textured, richly flavored, fractionated (mct) coconut oil.

[Yummi Karma] 20:1 Medical Cannabis Tincture **300mg CBD**


TWENTY TO ONE is twenty parts CBD to one part THC. 300mg CBD; 15mg THC