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3″ Glass Pipe


Perfect pocket size 3″ glass pipe. (Color may vary)

EZ Splitz the Original Blunt Splitter Keychain

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Colors Will Be Randomly Picked Out From A Variety Of Assorted Colors – Colors: Pink, Blue, Red, Black, Clear.

Hemp Wick


The I-Tal Hemp Wick Lighter is an organic and all natural way to light your tobacco or herbal blends. It’s made with organic hemp and coated with beeswax to allow the wick to burn nicely. Simply light the wick with a lighter or a candle and extinguish after each use. These will prevent the harmful and unnatural butane toxins from contaminating your smoke and will also save you a ton of money on lighters! You will love these!

[MK] Disposable Lighter


5 Assorted translucent colors
Adjustable flame
Child resistant

Rasta Wraps

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Slow burning
Size: 1 1/2

Raw Rolling Tips

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RAW Rolling Paper Tips are chemical and chlorine free. These are a must have for anyone who rolls their own papers without any tips or filters. RAW makes great products and these handy little rolling paper tips are no exception. You roll these up into a tight spiral, or any design you prefer, and put it into your rolling paper. Then use a roller to make it easiest for you to roll up. The purpose of this is to create a spacer at the end of your paper so your fingers don’t get burned and to also help stop those annoying little bits from getting into your mouth. There are 50 tips per pack.

Raw Classic King Size Slim Papers


RAW Classic Kingsize Slim
Contains: 32 Leaves per pack
Hemp Natural Gum, All natural, additive-free, 100% Vegan
Translucent Ultra Thin Rolling Paper
Size: 110x44mm, Made in Spain

Herb Grinder


Two piece Plastic Herb Grinder. Colors may vary.

Clipper Lighter


Clipper Lighters are definitely not your average lighter. Clippers are famous for their reliability and quality. Each one is made in Spain from a super strong nylon material instead of cheap plastic. Won’t crack and explode like cheap lighters. 3000 lights from each one, opens beers w/ease, integrated poker and it’s refillable.

[Elements] Kingsize Ultra Thin Rice Papers


The newer style Elements are watermarked with their proprietary Criss-Cross imprint that prevents runs and maintains the smoothest burn around. They still feature premiere rice papers that are slow burning and flavorless with a natural Acacia gum. Just like Elements originals they burn with zero ash, except for the tiny line of residue caused by the Acacia gum turning into caramel as it burns. These are some of the highest quality rolling papers on the market!

High Hemp Wraps – MauiMango CBD+


100% Organic Hemp
100% GMO and Tobacco Free
Includes two filter tips

King Palm All Natural Hand Rolled Leaf


Get 1 King Palms Rolled Leaf & 1 Wooden Packing Sticks – Slow Burning Natural Leaves.
Natural Leaf Rolls that are Individually Hand-Rolled and very Resilient.
Cleaned with Purified Water and Rolled.
No Artifical Preservatives, Glue or Flavors.
Remove Inserted Paper Tube Before Filling.

Sanitary Rubber Mouthpiece

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Silicone rubber mouthpiece for bongs/rigs. Colors may vary.

Clear Eyes Pocket Pal


For the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye
For use as a protectant against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye
Soothes and Moisturizes, Fast Acting, Provides up to 8 hours of soothing comfort

[Raw] Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine


79mm rolling machine. Works well with Raw 1 1/4 rolling papers.

Orange Chronic Cleaner

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Orange Chronic 4oz:

* Immediate Results
* No Scrubbing or Waiting
* No After Taste or Smell
* Easy to Use
* Earth Friendly
* Free Rinsing
* Brightens Glass
* Cleans Glass and Metal (Also Hookahs)

Glass Dab Tool


Glass Dab Tool.

Choice of colors from left to right are: Plum, Amber, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Pink, and Clear.

(Please Select color preference in the notes. If no color is chosen, one will be selected at random.)
**Selection Availability may vary.**