20mg Sympa-Tea 8:1 CBD

Sympa-Tea is designed to treat multiple types of pain by inducing muscle relaxation, reducing inflammation and decreasing the sensation of pain. It’s a mentally relaxing tea that takes the edge off stress and anxiety. Paired with anti-inflammatory powerhouses turmeric, ginger and licorice root, this tea is immensely healing and is great for daily preventative care. Our belief is that CBD is a powerful contributor to well-being and preventative medicine. CBD itself is a completely non-psychoactive compound, and has been found to be a neuroprotective, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, kills some cancer cells and works as an antidepressant.

Organic ingredients: ginger, tumeric, orange peel, black pepper, star anise, cinnamon, licorice root, and KikoGold cannabis active.

20mg CBD / 3mg THC per individual sachet

Each pouch contains 1 sachet

Avaliable in 10 packs as well!


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by Dropit
Wonderful seamless experience thanks Carlos your the man.
by Steven2234
Great service fast best wax around thanks cassidy an all humble root
by rcciii
Just received my order from Rudy, great customer service and fast timing makes more the perfect delivery service experience. Thanks for the help
by notjames420
First delivery service I tried and the only one I'm sticking with. Hella options and excellent times. Love the pineapple fam 🍍
by it_be_nicky_c
My boy Rudy dropped off the product in a timely fashion...top notch service...

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