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[Loudpack] Trinidad OG

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Loudpack Cannabis


THC 19%



From the flowers we grow to the facility in which they are grown, it’s about achieving the perfect product. It’s about providing the perfect conditions for our people and delivering cannabis that sets the bar for the industry. Whether you’re in it to heal (medicinal) or simply get high (recreational), it all comes down to quality cannabis. This is what we do and we’ve been doing it for decades. Our process is a reflection of our lifelong passion.
Loudpack Cannabis

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1 review for [Loudpack] Trinidad OG

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    Having been a fan of LoudPack’s Strawberry Banana Sherbet (flower and Live Resin) I decided to give the Trindad OG a try as I’ve only heard good things about this full-bodied indica.

    Package-wise it’s pretty standard and the designs and color are clean and nice to look at. Let’s talk about the smell though; it’s absolutely lovely! There’s a dominant, earthy aroma with whiffs of fruity sweetness. Think pineapple or guava.

    However, the appearance of the buds left a lot to be desired. Unlike the Strawberry Banana Sherbet, these nugs weren’t optimally trimmed nor were they particularly dense. When rotating one of the nugs 360 degrees branches were easily visible. Unfortunately there were also a lot of twigs in my jar, but who knows maybe it was just a bad batch. That being said, the leaves were a fresh green color and quite spry and frosty.

    Luckily, the physical quality of the nugs did not impact the strain’s effects one bit. Trinidad OG is an in-your-face kind of indica that’ll put you flat on your booty like a sweet, tropical storm. The taste is pungent and earthy with fruity ribbons of flavor on the exhale. My mind started to unwind as the calm washed slowly over my body and spread to my hands and feet. While I was definitely glued to my sofa I wouldn’t say that my limbs felt heavy. It’s a beautiful kind of numbness where your muscles will feel oh so relaxed and you just want to curl up on the couch. Trinidad OG is the perfect go-to strain if you’re looking to tuck in with a movie or a magazine right before bed. Also, due to its sedative qualities I’d also imagine it’d help with any headache, muscle pain or cramps.

    All in all, this isn’t a strain I would purchase again as the Strawberry Banana Sherbet was significantly better for the same price. Hoping that I’ll also have better luck with my next jar. Overall, 7/10.

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