[Select] Weekender - Mimosa Disposable - 300mg


[Select] Weekender – Mimosa Disposable – 300mg

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1 review for [Select] Weekender – Mimosa Disposable – 300mg

  1. mochishark13

    I literally have 0 experience with concentrates but my bestie is a huge Select fan and she’s been wanting me to try them for awhile. I decided to buy the Weekender before fully committing though since cartridges can be in the seventy dollar range for a full gram.

    Package wise, the Weekender’s was pretty nice. It’s a pre-assembled, cigarette sized unit with a cylindrical black battery and the Mimosa cart on top. Let’s get on to the taste. Like most people have said, Select does have an alloy taste to their concetrates. However, the citrusy note of the Mimosa still came through. Plus, the hits were smooth and sweet. Overall I would say 7/10 since I’m not a huge fan of the metallic taste.

    I didn’t really feel much until about 3-4 hits in but the most prominent feeling would have to be happy. Colors looked brighter, I felt more uplifted and the music was just jamming. Definitely a feel good kind of concentrate that’ll get you ready for your work day, the gym or just a productive day around the house.

    Although I wouldn’t purchase the Weekender again, I decided to give Select another try and got a battery. I went with Pineapple express and that one was much better taste wise. The sweetness really helped to quell the alloy taste whereas the Mimosa’s citrus acidity simply didn’t.

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