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[Sol Select] Lambo OG



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Sol Select Cannabis


THC 20%


Sol Select

SoL Selects is the gold standard for purity, potency, effect and taste for cannabis concentrates. By applying the fundamental forces of temperature and pressure to traditional extracts, SoL Selects creates the cleanest and most potent medicine available to the cannabis community.As the discerning patient knows, the power of Cannabis is not just THC, which is why SoL Selects tailors cannabinoid profiles and signature terpene blends, creating ‘Super Strains’. Terpenes are the all natural organic compounds found in Cannabis, they distinguish the sedating and full body effects of Indica or the energetic and active effects of Sativa while providing a wide spectrum of therapeutic effects. SoL Selects is the first company to optimize the full potential of medicines inherent to cannabis. SoL Selects is fully bio-available in any form making it ideal for vape pens, dabbing, topical applications and ingestion.
Sol Select Cannabis

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