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Thank you for taking the time to register with Humble Root!

Are you a medical patient or adult use recreationial user?

Medical Patient Registration

Adult Use Registration

Medical Patient requirements:
18+ years old
Medical Recommendation
Valid California DL/ID

Max Daily Limit:
8 ounces of flower
No concentrate limit
No edible limit

Adult Use requirements:
21+ years old
Valid State DL/ID

Max Daily Limit:
1 ounce of flower
8 grams of concentrate
No edible limit


What is the average delivery time?

Once an order is finalized, delivery to your hands is approximately one hour and a half to two hours.

Is it possible to leave the delivery at my door?

No we cannot leave the delivery at the door. Due to compliance we must deliver to the patient who has an active 215 recommendation.

What is the minimum for delivery?

The minimum for the Sacramento area is $40 and all outer areas of Sacramento (Folsom, Davis, Orangevale) are $60 minimums. We also serve Rocklin with an increased minimum of $100 due to the distance. Check out our map. (Minimum must be met prior to taxes being applied.)

 Does Humble Root have taxes and delivery fees?

Due to the new regulations, Medical Patients will be required to pay 8.25% sales tax for CA. The delivery fee is already worked into the price you see on the menu. The sales tax will be calculated and shown at checkout. Must still meet the minimum for your area before taxes have been applied. 

Do you have a Return or Exchange Policy?

While we stand by the quality of all the products we sell, we understand that things happen. If you have any questions please call/text us at (916) 793-5182 to speak with our Dispatch. You can find our full Return/Exchange policy on our New Patient page or click here.

I am New, How do I get Started?

Welcome to Humble Root! You will first need to register with us. You can do that by clicking the New Patient Registration tab on the top right or click here. You will need to submit a picture of your drivers license and a separate photo of your physicians recommendation. Once we have you registered, you can begin to place your order. To place an order online, you will also need to create an account with our website here.
We are happy to accept new patients orders until 9 pm.

Does Humble Root have a Rewards Program?

Yes we do! Our reward program requires that you order through our website to receive your credits. We have phased out the old rewards program but will still honor your next reward. Rewards can be claimed on each order – 500 points gets you a dollar in credit – every dollar you spend gets you 5 points. Every review you leave on our product pages will grant you 5 points as well! There is a maximum of $40 in credits that can be redeemed at a time.