What is Live Resin and why is it so expensive?
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What is Live Resin and why is it so expensive?


Live resin generally carries a exorbitant price tag, but why?

Forbidden Fruit Photo Credit: @cannaorganix on twitter

Historically, cannabis extracts have been made from the left over trim and tiny buds from after the cure and trim process. In recent years the technology behind extraction has made leaps and bounds. This has lead to the development of countless new methodologies. With this, the starting material has also gotten considerably better – with cultivators now using whole plants (yes that includes the huge colas!) and freshly freezing plants within minutes of being harvested.

Strains are now specifically grown to be extracted due to their extremely flavorful and potent aromas (I’m looking at you forbidden fruit!). The highest quality extracts come from companies that go the extra mile to source clean, small batch craft cannabis. When harvest time comes the extractor decides when to pull the harvest based on a perfectly calculated time. This produces the most flavorful and unique taste profiles. We won’t get into the methods of extraction because it varies so wildly from solventless methods to volatile extraction. The end result will sometimes only produce 50 grams per plant. With the recent technical advances that focus on retaining high terpenes levels we have seen an explosion of new farms and extractors entering the market including whole acre greenhouses being processed into concentrate. Outdoor farms are known to produce as much as 5x greater yields per plant than the small craft cannabis farms (not to mention the size difference in farms!).

Orange Peel by Raw Gardens

This is not to say that all quality is lost with scale, we are still getting amazing quality work from farms such as Raw Garden. These farms are able to source and bring large scale amazing quality meds for the price, setting a new standard for the market. But there will always be a place for those that continue to work with small craft farmers to bring the most exotic works for the concentrate connoisseurs. What it really comes down to is starting material. You will often see one of a kind extracts of strains that you may never see again where less than 100 grams total will ever reach the market. If you want a truly unique terpene experience you may need to spend the extra buck.

Orange Cookies by 710 Trilogy

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