Like most things in life, people flock toward the most well known. They bandwagon on whatever has the most hype. Popular names such as Gelato, Platinum Cookies, and Alien Labs show that the cannabis industry is no different. But we’re here to tell you, there are secretly supreme cannabis brands you can discover to avoid overhyped strains with our list of the top 5 undercover fire brands in 2021.


Undercover fire explained:

Before we continue, let’s first define exactly what undercover fire means. There are companies within the cannabis industry that have bigger marketing budgets than others, which leads to more people knowing about their weed (the Hype is real). But! This doesn’t mean the product is any better than these other brands that go under the radar. Quite the opposite actually. The brands we’ve mentioned in this article are perfect examples of that. They focus less on marketing and more on quality (fire) cannabis.


In a hurry? These are the winners in our cannabis brand test that deserve some credit:

  1. Smarty Plants
  2. 420 Kingdom
  3. Karma
  4. Curated Cannabis
  5. Hash and Flower


2021 was a great year for cannabis expansion, but because of such a huge boom with countless new brands, it’s hard to sift through which are actually fire and which are just hype. We’re laying out 5 cannabis brands that deserve way more recognition. Based on regional availability, review data, and most importantly, our cannabis experts’ personal experience, we’ve curated 5 undercover brands we know will help you avoid the overrated hype in 2021.

There are thousands of strains throughout the world, and it’s impossible to try them all, but we use the three P’s to help narrow down our options: price, purpose, passion. Check out our list of 5 top dispensary sellers that our experts have carefully curated, we are confident you will find a new favorite that will blow your mind. Let’s jump into our review on which undiscovered and underrated brands we found that carry undercover fire products.



1. Smarty Plants – 3.5g Cherry Punch (indoor )

cherry punch 3.5g indoor cannabis smarty plants brand from humble root

A bit wacky and kind of an oddball, Smarty Plants is a cannabis brand that likes to have fun. Their nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s seeps through into their brand, whether it’s music, sci-fi, fantasy, or art. 

Since February 8 of this year, Smarty Plants has kept it consistent and offered quality strains available in eighth-ounce jars. The fun thing about each jar is that they come with a QR code that links you to what they call, “Free Knowledge.” The link has various topics, from philosophy, to art, to existential investigations—all topics that go well with smoking what’s in the jars themselves.

This top dispensary selling indica dominant hybrid called Cherry Punch is a combination of Cherry AK47 and Purple Punch with a 29% THC score. The aromas of the Cherry Punch strain are grape, earth, and pine. Grab this indoor shelf nug for the modest price of $39.99.


Product specifications

Characteristics: Aromas consist of grape, pine, and earthy notes. Our staff says it taste of grapes, berries, and herbs. 
Usage: Customer reviews have mentioned effects of feeling happy, relaxed, and strangely aroused. 
Price: $39.99 – 1/8 oz 




2. 420 Kingdom – 3.5g Watermelon Mimosa (Indoor)

420 Kingdom Cannabis Brand Watermelon Mimosa Strain 3.5 eighth

420 Kingdom has a mission to revolutionize the cannabis industry. Being the largest aeroponically grown cannabis in California, they have developed a beautiful balance between the art of growing cannabis and the science of creating top dispensary products. With the most advanced technology in aquaponics, 420 Kingdom has made it impossible to rival their unbelievable standard of quality. Their unprecedented method of misting water directly to the roots, there by giving the master growers access to the entirety of the plant, from root to cola, makes it possible to produce plants with THC levels 3-5% higher, as well having 20% more trichomes on the plant itself. 

Watermelon Mimosa is an all-around mystery, created from unknown parents in an anonymous breeder’s garden. The perfect product for your spooky fall season. It tastes and smells like sweet tropical fruit with an earthy background, according to Pacific Seed Bank. Containing over 39% cannabinoids, this strain has an unrivaled nose and flavor. The cultivar also reportedly tests at an average of 17% THC and 3-10% CBD.


Product specifications

Characteristics: Dense nug structure that tastes and smells like sweet tropical fruit with an earthy funk. 
Usage: Helps to feel sleepy, euphoric, and relaxed. 
Price: $50 – 1/8 oz 




3. Karma – 2g Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid)

2g of Karma Cannabis Brand Ice Cream Cake Flower from Humble Root

Karma was founded with one distinct principle—the preservation of cannabis culture and uplifting the forefathers who founded it. This small company not only offers quality cannabis, they come ready to combat the big corporations who seek to gut the sanctity of the culture, whose only aim is to make a profit. So much so, that they donate 10% of their profits to support the freeing of those incarcerated for cannabis related crimes.

Ice Cream Cake is a hybrid made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain offers sedating effects that leave your mind and body completely relaxed. Ice Cream Cake features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. This strain is reported by medical cannabis patients and consumers to have calming effects that help with pain, sleep, and anxiety. Ice Cream Cake is ideal for night time use when you have nothing important to do except watch TV and fall asleep.


Product specifications

Characteristics: Features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. 
Usage: Provides calming effects that help with pain, sleep, and anxiety. 
Price: $19 – 2 grams 




4.Curated Cannabis – 3.5g Dosilato (Live Cured Flower)

Curated Cannabis Brand Dosilato Strain 3.5g eighth

Curated Cannabis stands for one thing—care. Curated derives from the Latin word “cura,” meaning to care for. They deliver on their name. They care for customers, delivering high quality flower, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products. They made the undercover fire list by using the best quality products and practices, Curated Cannabis curates the highest quality weed possible. With some of the most responsible and reliable cultivators in the industry, they select the most distinct physiological and cannabinoid profiles, bringing you weed that has been cultivated to its best possible genetic potential. After trimming the flower by hand, they guarantee that you are getting unaltered organic cannabis that comes in its purest, most natural form possible.

This fire cannabis strain has large light green colas with dark orange pistils. Its’ tight calyxes and trichome-rich sugar leaves fuse together to form a dense bud.


Product specifications

Characteristics: Similar to Mimosa, this flower has a sweet citrus aroma, developed through a combination of pinene and myrcene. 
Usage: Possible experience of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. 
Price: $72 – 1/8 oz 




5. Hash and Flower – 1g GMO Premium Live Rosin

A company that focuses on old school growing methods, Hash and Flowers is a family owned and run farm. They believe that the sun is the key component to healthy happy weed—the way nature intended it. Unlike 420 Kingdom, this undercover fire brand relies less on science and more on mother nature. This could be one of the many reasons why Hash and Flowers has blown up in the last month. Their whole concentrate line up is absolute fire.

This GMO premium is a live hash rosin made from single source whole plant fresh frozen. GMO is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. The terps are straight garlic funk and offensive. This undercover concentrate is HAF certified and a personal favorite.


Product specifications

Characteristics: A pungent diesel aroma that packs an earthy garlic funky taste. Tested at 76% THC 
Usage: Indica dominant with uplifting effects leaving you relaxed with your head in the clouds. 
Price: $72 – 1g 




Advantages of Undercover Fire

The main reasons to try these underrated brands are:

  • Avoiding the hype
  • Supporting Small Businesses
  • Product discovery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unique growing techniques




Finding that undercover fire cannabis can be tricky with the explosion of brands hitting the market in 2021. Since we are based in California, we have tested it all and tried it all, and we are confident this foolproof guide of undercover fire brands we’ve cultivated for those who want to avoid overrated hype will help you find that tasty THC that hits just the way you want with the flavor you desire. Don’t succumb to hollow hype! Instead, bask in the heat of these under-appreciated fire brands.



Are these underrated cannabis brands expensive?

Depends on what you are smoking indoor or outdoor?

What makes an undercover fire brand?

Brands that create amazing cannabis products but do not get the recognition due to the overly hyped brands out there.

Where can you order amazing priced undercover fire products?

They can be ordered with free delivery from Humble Root in Sacramento, CA.

What is the most overhyped cannabis strain?

Pineapple express due to the movie popularity.