Did you spend your whole life following the DARE program? Did you resist the siren song of cannabis when you were a kid? Well, it isn’t too late to join the cannabis community! Weed doesn’t discriminate and is for everyone who wants to take part.

Many seniors have joined the cannabis community as weed becomes more mainstream and accepted in society. So if this is your first time exploring the world of weed after decades of abstaining, this is the introductory guide for you! There is no better time to start enjoying yourself than in your golden years.

Where to Start

Many seniors that pick up weed look for alternatives to smoking, which is totally okay. Inhaling smoke into your lungs is not comfortable for everyone, especially if you have gone your whole life not smoking anything.

Edibles and tinctures are an easy way to experience the effects of cannabis closer to your comfort zone. It is easy to eat a cookie that tastes a little peculiar or put a few drops of tincture into your coffee and slip into a state of amusement and contentment.

How Can I Get It?

Today, most states have legalized medicinal cannabis and are on their way to legalizing it for recreational use. If you live in a state where it is legal, walk into a dispensary and begin your cannabis journey.

If you feel uncomfortable walking into a dispensary, there are areas where weed delivery and CBD delivery are options. Companies such as Humble Root are a Sacramento weed delivery business that takes a lot of the work out of acquiring weed for you. They even offer a senior discount for weed to encourage older people to experience the enjoyable and therapeutic effects of cannabis.

The Devil’s Lettuce: Ancient Weed Myths Busted

The lies surrounding cannabis have been perpetuated for decades. If you grew up during the war on drugs, it isn’t your fault you have a distorted view of weed. But let’s set the record straight and debunk these myths.

❌ Weed is Psychedelic

Weed is not a psychedelic, first of all. It has psychoactive effects, which many misinterpret as meaning it causes hallucinations. This could not be farther from the truth.

Although you may experience a strange-looking shadow, stranger than usual, or convince yourself your stove looks like a face, weed cannot produce hallucinations. It only produces euphoria and sometimes paranoia, but that is normal.

❌ Weed is Addictive

Contrary to what the Regans want you to believe, weed does not have any addictive properties in its chemical makeup. Just like alcohol and Cheetos, weed can become addictive depending on the person.

The line between user and addict is crossed when the substance negatively interferes with your life and responsibilities. As someone in their golden years, you have probably conquered all those responsibilities that 20-somethings fret about and don’t need to worry about weed interfering with your life.

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Medicinal vs. Recreational Use

Medicinal and recreational weed is not quite the same. Being aware of the differences helps you control your experience so you know what you are putting in your body and the effects it is meant to have on you.

Medicinal cannabis is often stronger than recreational because it is meant to relieve pain and discomfort in patients. To purchase medicinal weed, you need to have a green card provided by a doctor stating your diagnosis and need for cannabis.

Recreational weed is just for fun! Well, that isn’t true. Even if you don’t have a green card, using weed can still help reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and overall increase your happiness. Sometimes we forget that our mental health improves when we have some fun!


Some people love THC, and some people only need CBD, but the majority of weed users appreciate both compounds found in the green flower.

THC causes psychoactive effects that make you feel high. But CBD only results in relaxation and a calm feeling with no euphoria or paranoia. Dabs are exclusively THC, weed itself is both, and CBD is available on its own too in gummies or other forms. The weed industry has evolved since the 70s, and so have the options to choose what you want to consume.

If you are interested but wary to start, CBD is an easy leap to make. You won’t have any feelings of being out of control or unsure, but instead, you’ll feel more relaxed. Some people report they don’t feel the effects of CBD at all, but it depends on the person and their lifestyle.

Retirement and Weed: The Perfect Couple

Weed sometimes gets a bad reputation for turning people into lazy stoners that are never productive. This is certainly not true, but the best time to enjoy weed is when you are retired and have less societal pressures!

If you are retired and looking to kick back and enjoy your free time, weed is a gentle and fun way to spend your days after the rat race. And if you are still a busy person, even after retirement, weed can take the edge off and remind you this is your time to relax and enjoy yourself!

Are you looking for a retirement hobby? The point is retirement is the best time to try things you always wanted to, especially if that thing is weed. Try learning the art of rolling a joint or start an adorable patch of cannabis in your garden.

Final Thoughts

Growing up during a time when weed is demonized and considered a deadly drug is honestly unfair. Today, many seniors who grew up in the era of anti-weed propaganda realize the lies were untrue.

In case you didn’t know, drugs won the war on drugs, so you don’t need to be hesitant or ashamed of enjoying a substance that over 55 million Americans enjoy.

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