On October 2nd, there was a national call to action for reproductive justice scheduled in every major city with over 100+ women’s rights and social justice organizations joined together for a Caravan. The Women’s March rallied through the streets of Sacramento protesting for the right to decide what women can do with their bodies. Run and led by Women’s March Sacramento (WMS), the rally chanted together to fight against anti-abortion laws. The march in Sacramento stood and walked together with rallies all across the country, all fighting as one, for the freedom over the choices one has over their body. 

Women’s March Sacramento serves the existing Women’s Rights Organizations in the California State Capitol and they are completely volunteer-based. They are broadly inclusive of organizations supporting Gender-Based Peace and Safety, Reproductive Rights, Health and Disability Rights, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Economic Security, Workers’ Rights, Voter Justice, Racial Justice,  Religious Peace and Freedom, Immigrant Rights, Indigenous Rights, Climate Justice, and Freedom of Speech. 

Roe v. Wade


The history of Roe v. Wade dates back to 1973 when the Supreme Court first ruled that the Constitution protects women’s liberties to choose whether or not to have an abortion. With the case in Mississippi that aims to restrict abortions to under 15 weeks (an almost impossible time frame to know if you are in fact pregnant, decide whether or not you want to keep the baby, set up the necessary appointments, re-booking appointments, and then finally having the procedure done), the new conservative majority seeks to revisit the laws that entitle women to the freedom to choose.

The March

The (WMS), along with 90 other organizations, including Planned Parenthood, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, SHERO Mississippi, Mississippi in Action, Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, The Frontline, Working Families Party, Women’s March, and SisterSong, came together October 2 to stand up for the rights of all women. 

All members of the community gathered together on a glorious day of unity to fight an inglorious moment in history. Humble Root took part in that moment in time that fought the powers that aim to try and control our choices as people​​—choices that are hard enough to make as it is.  

The day was a moving one. One that allowed our voices to be heard through the streets of our state’s capital. We chanted and we yelled. We cried and we cheered. We stood together and demanded to be heard—demanded the freedom of choice. 

The words, “My body, My Choice!” could be heard nationwide that day. 


Humble Root was honored to stand side by side with those who fight for the right to choose what happens to their bodies. We, as a humble company dedicated to our community, decided not to stand by, but to participate. As chants like, “Bans off our bodies!” and “Rally for Abortion Justice!” rang out over the crowds, we stood and marched alongside those in need of a unilateral voice–one that chants for the freedoms and rights of all people.

Humble Root collaborated with the local non-profit organization, BAWS Sacramento, also known as Boss Ass Women of Sacramento. Together we made goodie bags filled with refreshments and snacks. These free goodie bags were distributed to all participants at the event. 

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to be the change we wish to see and make a positive impact by joining forces with our community. Please support them and look for future events where we can again stand together and fight for the rights of our women and everyone in our community.