Thanksgiving is the beautiful time of year when you dodge relatives’ questions and hide the intimate details of your private life that they are foraging for. But times are changing, and in 2019 a poll found that 12% of all Americans smoke weed. And those are only the people admitting to it!

As more and more Americans pick up joints and bongs, weed is evolving, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding the green flower. Coming out of the cannabis closet can seem intimidating, but there is no better time than during the season of gratitude.

The mashed potatoes and turkey will cushion the landing of your conversation, but there are still some questions and topics to prepare yourself for. People of different ages have different ideas about cannabis, so this is the perfect time to educate your family on weed and all its cousins. And slip in that you are a good friend of the green monster!

Remember, timing is everything. Don’t drop the news while people are still hungry or before the bottles of wine have been opened. But don’t wait too long, or everyone will be in a turkey coma.

Benefits of CBD and THC

For starters, educate them on how good weed can be for you! Scientists continue to discover more and more ways that THC and CBD can benefit humans physically, mentally, and emotionally. Explain how weed consists of both THC and CBD, but both compounds can be taken separately.

THC is the one that gives you the sensation of being high, while CBD on its own has been proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety, depression, and seizures. Mention the different forms these compounds come in today, like flower, dabs, gummies, chocolate bars, and so much more. The percentages of THC and CBD vary, allowing people to choose what kind of experience they want to have.

Squash stoner stigma and cannabis myths

The idea of the lazy, dirty stoner was ingrained into American minds during the war on drugs. Don’t forget the drugs won that war! It is time to cast aside the images of hippies skipping class to get high or the potheads that are too high to get off their couch and get a job.

In 2021 all kinds of people smoke weed, from professional athletes to award-winning writers to sweet grandparents looking to take the edge off. The best way to squash these stigmas is to be the perfect example of a responsible, functioning person that enjoys smoking weed.

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Avoid politics and controversy.

Diving too far into the evolving legality and political stir weed has caused recently can rile some people. It can also steer the conversation away from weed and toward more political and divisive topics. So stay focused on the task at hand and discuss the benefits of cannabis and how the green culture is changing and spreading to more demographics.

Tell stoner stories

Every stoner has some funny anecdote about them hopping in the shower with their underwear still on or when you smoked a joint and watched the Mickey Mouse Club for 4 hours. Whatever stories you have in your repertoire, choose the silly and appropriate ones to share to lighten the mood and exemplify that the effects of weed are funny, not fatal.

Regale them with the most insane stoner snack you’ve ever had. Did you dip Doritos into Nutella at 3 pm on a Sunday? Did you one time convince yourself that putting a Cheeto inside an Oreo was the best idea ever birthed? These kinds of tales show how harmless weed is and how being high is just a fun, relaxing state.

Frequently Asked Questions from Family

A little FAQ section to prep you for some questions that may seem preposterous but will probably be asked by your older or younger relatives.

What happens if you take too much? Can you overdose?
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, no one has ever died due to a lethal amount of THC. People have tried to claim it has happened, but there is no proof to support these claims.

There are side effects of consuming too much THC, such as emotional distress, increased heart rate, paranoia, and more, that most impact how you feel but don’t seriously negatively affect your health.


Do you hallucinate?

This question will probably come from someone who has never touched weed in their life. And that’s totally okay! Explain that weed does not cause hallucinations the way psychedelics do because it isn’t psychedelic!


Is weed legal?

Well, that is a work in progress. Today in 2021, 18 states have legalized the use of cannabis​ recreationally including California! And more states are in the process of legalizing it for recreational use. But the majority of states, 36 to be exact, have legalized it for medical use.

If the numbers are too much, you can simply say that it is legal in most states and is on its way to being federally legal as supporters push for a change.


Is weed addictive?

Anything can be addictive. Weed has no addictive properties chemically, but people can become addicted to using cannabis if they develop an unhealthy dependency on it. Just like alcohol, it can be enjoyed in moderation but can also lead to overuse for certain people.

The main characteristic of an addiction is when the substance begins to interfere with your life and responsibilities. Assuming you are a put-together human, you can explain that you use cannabis the way most Americans drink alcohol. A nice beer at the end of a long day is no different than a joint before you go to bed.

Final advice

No matter how it goes, remember you are a competent adult that can make your own decisions about your body and what you put into it. Don’t let your crotchety uncle or your vapid cousin make you feel ashamed of your choices just because they are uneducated on the subject.