At Humble Root, we’re excited to showcase the delectable creations of Dr. Norm’s in our weed delivery service across Sacramento. Dr. Norm’s is the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson, Dr. Norm’s was born in 2017 as a heartfelt tribute to their dad— the authentic Dr. Norm—and their mom Audrey, a pharmacist by trade but a prolific baker by passion, lending her culinary prowess to the brand.

Now, let’s embark on a flavorful journey as I share the spotlight on my top four favorite flavors from the delightful offerings of Dr. Norm’s. 


Snickerdoodle Cookies

This delectable sugar cookie offers a delightful blend of softness and chewiness, enhanced with a delightful explosion of cinnamon flavor that leaves a lasting impression. Dr. Norm’s has successfully crafted a gluten-free cookie that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also defies the typical grainy texture often found in gluten-free alternatives. These cookies are enriched with Valerian Root, a natural plant extract renowned for its soothing and calming attributes. This incorporation delivers a pleasant Indica-like experience without any traces of herbal aftertaste. 

Very Berry Crunch Rice Krispy Treat

Fast Acting
Experience Dr. Norm’s Fast-Acting Nano, a line of high-bioavailability cannabis baked goods for quicker and more potent effects. They can kick in within 15 minutes, thanks to added minor cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the one the one that started it all, using Audrey’s famous recipe! These cookies are crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. They are generously filled with chocolate chips and finely chopped pecans and have a surprise crunch from Heath Bar toffee bits. This is Dr. Norm’s #1 selling cookie!

Red Velvet Cookies

Meet Dr. Norm’s unique rendition of the beloved American classic – Red Velvet cake! These THC-infused cookies boast a delectable moistness and delightful cocoa richness. Embellished with luscious white chocolate chips, they lend a special touch to these velvety and indulgent treats. Notably, these cookies are enhanced with Guarana, a natural plant extract celebrated for its invigorating and revitalizing qualities. 

As we savor the mouthwatering flavors crafted by Dr. Norm’s, it’s evident that their commitment to quality and passion for cannabis-infused treats. Explore the full line of Dr. Norm’s edibles available through Humble Root’s Sacramento Weed Delivery. Elevate your cannabis culinary journey, and let each bite be a reminder of the artistry and dedication that goes into every Dr. Norm’s delight.

Stay lifted, Sacramento! 🌿✨


PS: I added all of Dr. Norm’s products at Humble Root below for your viewing pleasure (: