Ever been in public and gotten a whiff of someone smoking dank weed nearby, but your Aunt Sue comments on the horrid skunk smell in the air? Has a stoner buddy ever shoved a bag of bud in your face and said, “Doesn’t this smell just like a blueberry cinnamon pie?” You can thank terpenes for this plethora of diverse smells.

Terpenes are a compound found in weed. Terpenes give cannabis the distinct smell it is known for, and different terpenes result in different cannabis strains.

With over 150 types of terpenes found in weed, this little compound has many unique smells and highs. From the smell of gasoline to the sweet aroma of bubblegum, different terpenes create wild scents and flavors in different cannabis strains.

Common Terpene Profiles


Myrcene is in thyme, lemongrass, and mangoes. Myrcene is why many people believe mangoes can enhance your high! Myrcene has a fruity, fresh smell that delivers a sedated high in Indicas and a happy, uplifted high in Sativa strains.


As the name suggests, limonene has a strong citrus smell, reminding people of lemons and other sour fruits like oranges and limes. The terpene results in an energized, happy high, therefore found in Sativa more commonly than in Indica strains.


Linalool is probably the most utilized terpene in aromatherapy for its calming effects and the long list of positive physical impacts. It appears in lavender flowers in large quantities, which is why lavender helps in healing practices.


The terpene eucalyptol is frequently used in mouthwash and cough suppressants because of its mild numbing effects and ability to soothe any pain. Obviously, from its name, it is found in eucalyptus trees as well as rosemary, sage, sweet basil, bay leaves, tea tree, and cardamom. It has pain relief properties and delivers a sedated high.


Pinene is an abundant terpene in weed that produces a smell reminiscent of a walk through a pine forest. Pinene is found in pine needles if you hadn’t guessed it already, as well as rosemary and basil. It has therapeutic effects comparable to taking a leisurely, calming walk through the woods.

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The Entourage Effect

It isn’t just the scent terpenes play a part in. The compound also contributes to the high the strain offers. Some terpenes make you giggly, creative, and social, while others provide a sedated, relaxed feeling that may make you sleepy. And some offer a combination of many effects!

The compound has super subtle psychoactive effects. Terpenes are also found in aromatherapy products, beer hops, wine, and perfumes because they can mildly sedate, arouse, or stimulate humans. So if you aren’t a believer in aromatherapy, you may want to reconsider.

Terpenes can have multiple effects including making the user feel mildly sedated or stimulated depending on the combination of terpenes.

The Entourage Effect is an instrument by which the compounds in weed synergize together to foster an overall experience. This means extracted THC will not have the same effects as flower cannabis full of compounds like CBD and terpenes.

Health Benefits of Terpenes

That’s right! They don’t just smell yummy terpenes that have positive effects on your health, primarily preventative, that you aren’t even aware of every time you enjoy your evening joint.

Pain Relief

Terpenes offer stoners that fantastic array of aromas that weed is known for. The effects of different terpenes can clue smokers into what kind of high the strain offers and the flavor it has. Terpene profiles are great for weed delivery companies because it gives customers an idea of the strain based on the name and description.

Dispensary delivery is a new-world blessing, but if you’re like me, I like to examine a new strain before purchasing. Luckily, descriptions of terpenes and aromas can clue you into the experience that awaits.

Companies like Humble Root have detailed flavor profile descriptions, so you don’t have to choose blindly. If you’re dankrupt and in the market for a great Sacramento weed delivery company, Humble Root is there for you.

But next time you smell a particularly stanky strain, be thankful for terpenes and the myriad of benefits they offer your weed-smoking experience as well as your bodily health.

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