Though dispensaries seemingly popped up everywhere in California, there is still somehow not enough quality medicinal cannabis to meet the rising demand. This inability to supply both new and old cannabis customers with affordable, yet high quality cannabis products is leaving everyone within the cannabis culture frustrated and perplexed. Which could be the reason why everyone is migrating to the best ‘mids’ shelf brands in California.

Having sourced a wide variety of cannabis products with hundreds of cannabis vendors in California since 2015, Humble Root has come to understand cannabis culture more than anyone else. Our inventory team has collaborated with some of the greatest cannabis experts and lab testers in the industry, to consistently deliver outstanding and affordable cannabis products ranging from flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes to concentrates, topicals and accessories right to your door in Sacramento and neighboring areas.

Being in the game as long as we have our staff has extensively tried and evaluated countless professional cannabis brands in town, from the best quality to the driest, saddest quality. With this immeasurable experience, we have understood and curated a list of the best “mids” in Northern California. But you’re asking yourself what a ‘mid’ is and why it’s important? We’re here to help and define what this underrated weed shelf consists of.


In a hurry? Jump ahead to see our top 6 Mids Cannabis Brands:

  1. LoLo
  2. Canna Trust
  3. Fire Cut
  4. Humboldt’s Finest
  5. Pacific Stone
  6. High Supply


What Are ‘Mids’ Shelf Products?

Mids refers to mid-grade weed. It’s good quality, but it’s not the dank stuff. And it most definitely is not the dried out stem riddled schwag you smoked when you didn’t know better. The reason we’re talking about mids now and why there is an ever growing demand for them in California especially, is because the cost of top shelf weed is reaching astronomical heights. Mids can relatively be underwhelming with THC levels ranging from 5% to 20%. The nugs may not be the prettiest and smoke the smoothest but it is still good quality weed.


Are ‘Mids’ Good or Bad?

Whether mids are right for you or not is relative to your tolerance. Mids are great for people new to cannabis. They are also great for social occasions and outdoor activities. Unless you are Snoop Dogg, you don’t want to roll up to a party with your expensive top shelf stuff. Mids are a great choice for those times when smoking is more about the social aspect and less about the high itself. 

Mids can still be quite tasty and sometimes you can find those fire strains that hit just right for you without breaking the bank. In layman terms, you could be buying mids for $25 dollars an eighth that almost packs the same punch as that $90 top shelf stuff others are buying. This means more money in the bank and more dank (weed) to go around.


If you want to read more about the 5 top cannabis mid brands in California, feel free to scroll down below.



1. Lolo – Pickle Rick, Indica Dominant Hybrid (3.5g – Eighth)

Lolo Brand Pickle Rick Cannabis Hybrid Indica Flower

Known for its super intense psychedelic high, #PickleRick (aka Face Mints) is an indica heavy hybrid that was crossed between the classic Face Off OG and Kush Mints.

In short, it hits hard and fast. Its THC levels ranging from 22-29% is well above average for a mid. #PickleRick goes straight to the head, leaving you in a blissful sort of euphoria. 

Enjoy this indoor quality ‘mids’ Pickle Rick strain today starting at $31 an eighth.

Product specifications

Medicinal Purposes: This strain is perfect for those dealing with migraines or milder headaches, as well as mood swings, chronic stress, depression, or pain.  
Flavor: It starts with hints of sweet orange citrus, finishing with a minty cinnamon taste on the exhale. 
Price: $31 – 1/8 oz 




2. Canna Trust – Cannalope Haze, Sativa (3.5g – Eighth)

cantalope haze cannabis brand canna trust mids from humble root

Almost a pure sativa, Cannalope Haze is an uplifting strain that leaves you feeling energized instead of lethargic like most cannabis does. Crossed between Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican Landscape, its smooth taste and resin production makes it a great choice for making concentrates. Accompanied with its natural head-high, Cannalope Haze actually helps to stay more focused. 

Grab these doorbuster savings for $18 an eighth and save on free delivery here

Product specifications

Medicinal Purposes: It can aid in appetite loss and chronic fatigue.Height 
Flavor: Aptly named, it tastes like ripe cantaloupe combined with other tropical fruits. It gives off hints of cinnamon as well as notes of other spices. 
Price: $18 – 1/8 oz 



3. Fire Cut – Fire OG, Indica (7g Indoor Smalls Quarter)


7g fire og deal from fire cut cannabis mids brand

Fire OG, also known as “Fire OG Kush,” is a heavy indica cannabis strain made by cross-breeding OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. This strain has a pungent earthy taste similar to Lemon Pledge and has sedative effects that make it potent and long-lasting. Fire OG is one of the strongest OG strains, which makes it a fan favorite among medical cannabis users who have a high THC tolerance, trouble with sleep, or just enjoy being a couch potato. The origin of its name is due to the nugs’ frosty red hairs, which give this strain the appearance that it is lit up on fire.  

Fire Cut is a group of educated growers and humble friends striving to produce the highest quality cannabis products and share them with the community at a fair price. At their facility in California, they cultivate, cure, process and package everything in house. As a brand of the people, they offer a wide variety of bag sizes in both big and small buds, all for a price you can’t beat for indoor flowers.

Order the Fire OG 7g bag of indoor smalls on your couch now and get free same day delivery.

Product specifications

Medicinal Purposes: Helps with sleep and munchies, a fan favorite among medical cannabis users who have a high THC tolerance. 
Flavor: Pungent earthy taste with a hint of woody kush and an aroma of sweet burning pine. 
Price: $34.99 – 1/4 oz 



4. Humboldt’s Finest – Sherbet Sunset, Hybrid Indica (3.5 – Eighth)

sunset sherbet humboldt's finest sungrown cannabis 3.5g from humble root

A strain by many names, this environmentally friendly grown hybrid can also be referred to as “Sherbert ” or “Sunset Sherbet.” It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (female) and Pink Panties (male). 

Its low carbon footprint stems from the fact Humboldt’s Finest uses only natural sunlight and fresh organic rainwater that collects in the dense nutrient rich Redwood forests of California. The brand is defined by its dedication to clean farming, refusing to use toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. So much so, Humboldt’s Finest is actually helping restore the Mattole River’s ecosystem. 

Because of their natural farming practices, not only are they bettering the land’s ecosystem, they are also able to offer customers the lowest retail price possible. Try their $20 – 3.5g eighth here. 

Product specifications

Medicinal Purposes: Helps with overall stress. It gives you a balanced euphoria for a relaxing mind and body high. 
Flavor: With complex terpene notes, it has more of a woody taste accompanied by faint signs of floral qualities. 
Price: $20 – 1/8 oz 




5. Pacific Stone – Private Reserve OG, Indica Dominant Hybrid (7g – Quarter)

Private Reserve OG Pacific Stone Cannabis Brand Deal 7g from Humble root

Through a labor of love consisting of friends and family, Pacific Stone was established in 2015 in the 805. When making their cannabis dreams a reality, they had one thing in mind–growing clean, consistent affordable cannabis products for California. They built the coastal greenhouses where they have been cultivating their farm-direct cannabis themselves. Being a single source company, Pacific Stone can make sure they are only ever delivering high quality cannabis all year round. 

Private Reserve OG is a sun grown hybrid indica grown by Pacific Stone. Save on the 7g quarter deal starting at $41 + plus tax found here.

Product specifications

Medical Purposes: Produces long-lasting sedative effects and pairs well with meditation and relaxation. 
Flavor: Has a distinct diesel kush flavor with sour undertones. 
Price: $41 – 1/4 oz 




6. High Supply – Popcorn Nugs, Sativa (28g – Ounce)

28g half ounce sativa popcorn nugs high supply cannabis deal from humble root

High Supply’s only focus is to normalize, professionalize, and revolutionize cannabis. With a team of some of the finest cannabis experts, they offer their lab tested cannabis in flower, popcorn, pre-rolls, shorties, vape pens, live carts, and shakes. 

If you are looking to buy in bulk, you’ll want to check out this 128g ounce deal. High Supply offers “sativa popcorn nugs,” which are the small buds that grow beneath the plant’s larger colas. They offer various types of hybrids, sativas, and indicas. Although they are smaller, they pack the same punch as a normal size nug at half the cost. 

This pungent citrusy and gassy flavored ounce deal can found here.

Product specifications

Medical Purposes: Perfect sativa for sharing some joints or blunts with your favorite 4/20 friendly buds at any outdoor event. 
Flavor: Pungent gassy citrus that brings to mind the leftover rind of freshly squeezed oranges. 
Price: $142 – 1oz (28 grams) 





Take it from us, mids ARE the future. With the legalization of cannabis, our industry has seen a massive decline in prices as low as 90%, but as the market is pushing more and more toward online, we are starting to see markups on cannabis. We can see this in places like Washington and Oregon where the price point for an eighth has been seen to range from $50 upwards to $100. 

What we are seeing in the market parallels what we see with alcohol shoppers. They have a tendency to buy more affordable beer and wine for the week and save their big spending for the weekends. That is why mids are becoming popularized. You can smoke good quality mids for half the price and if you want to splurge for some top shelf stuff when you’re in the mood to go that extra mile, you can with the money you saved smoking cheaper yet potent cannabis. 

So what are you waiting for? Mids are stronger, cheaper, cleaner and more diverse than ever. Go out and explore your cannabis curiosities!




What is the average price of a mids shelf eighth?

The average mids strain goes for $21-30 an eighth.

Why buy a mids strain?

It’s good quality weed for half the cost of top shelf cannabis.

Is mids shelf indoor or outdoor?

Mids are outdoor or greenhouse grown cannabis.

Does outdoor or indoor weed smoke faster?

Typically indoor weed will burn faster but smoother and taste better.