There is nothing more powerful than people joining together to support a cause they are passionate about. On October 23, 2021, Humble Root hosted an event in collaboration with Baws Ass Women of Sacramento that raised over $1,550 for breast cancer awareness which was fully donated to the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation.

In times like these, many businesses struggle. But that doesn’t mean we can forget those going through inexplicably awful endeavors. Humble Root knows the fight against breast cancer is a challenging, long road that few have traveled.

But we want that to change, so we stepped up and want to continue raising awareness and money to support the patients and survivors of this horrible disease.

On a Saturday afternoon in October, Humble Root came together with the awesome team of Boss Ass Women of Sacramento, to host an event to raise money for breast cancer research. The money raised from the Sactober event got donated to the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation.

Albie Aware is a foundation dedicated to helping and supporting those diagnosed with breast cancer. Their mission, started by the husband of a person with breast cancer, is to offer awareness, support, resources, and comfort to the community and anyone struggling through treatment.

Doug named his foundation after his late wife, Alberta “Albie” Carson, who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2002. Humble Roots understands the importance of offering support and resources for people in this position and wanted to do all they could for the cause.

Partnering with BAWS was a beautiful opportunity to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. But in addition, BAWS and Humble Root decided to host an event to support small and local businesses so they could get exposure and make some sales.

The all-women pop-up event was populated with local shops and small businesses looking to get their name out there while supporting a cause near and dear to many women’s hearts. This event aimed to create a safe and welcoming space for all community members to gather and show their support for a meaningful cause.

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The spirit of the event and the success of the money raised speaks to the sweet, giving souls of Sacramento that support BAWs, Humble Root, and The Albie Aware Foundation.

This event was the first inaugural Sactober day as Humble Roots, and BAWS hopes to make this a yearly event to celebrate the women-run local businesses and support those who have breast cancer.

We understand the need for community spaces that encourage people to patron small businesses. Humble Root wanted to promote these local stores and shops while also doing good for those struggling with unimaginable hardship.

The success of this event warms the hearts of all involved, especially those at Humble Root that were eager to contribute to this cause. As a company, Humble Root wants to promote businesses run by women while finding a way to support women in need.

The Sactober event propped up both small businesses and the brave women looking for a cure. We are so excited to participate in another opportunity like this one.