Until recently, a valid medical recommendation was a stoner staple, but these days they’re not really needed for adult use if you are over 21. That being said, a med rec may be worth the investment depending on what you need.


Need a New Medical Rec? Here Are Some Basics You Should Know:

The California Department of Cannabis Control website reads: “If you have a physician’s recommendation to use cannabis, you can:

  • Buy cannabis products with more THC
  • Buy more cannabis at a time, if needed for your medical condition
  • Possess more cannabis
  • Grow more plants at home, if needed for your medical condition
  • Get a medical cannabis ID card

Even with a physician’s recommendation, “you must follow laws about where you can use cannabis.”


Defining Both Types of Medical Cannabis Recommendations:  

There are two common types of recommendations that we see here at Humble Root. There is an MMIC, which is issued by the state, and then there’s a third-party medical rec (those are the ones you can get by visiting an office or even just jumping online). If you are thinking about renewing an expired rec or getting one for the first time you may be thinking, “which one is right for me?” 


Let’s Break Down the Basic Differences for Both:

The standard third-party medical recommendation is by far the most common. These can be acquired through your doctor or an online service and will automatically increase your purchase, possession, and cultivation amounts. Medical patients can purchase up to 8oz. of flower per day and gain special access to cannabis products with higher potency levels compared to those sold for recreational purposes. 


Today, medical recommendations can be easy to come by and are helpful for occasional smokers and novices, growers and stoners, and just about anyone who wants the flexibility to stock up on the products that work best for them. But do be aware these types of recs do not reduce the amount of taxes you pay, they only increase the daily limits you can have and buy!


The MMIC Program:

A step up from the standard medical recommendation is the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program or MMICP. 

“The MMICP web-based registry allows law enforcement and the public to verify the validity of a qualified patient or primary caregiver’s MMICP as authorization to possess, grow, transport, and/or use medical cannabis within California,” according to the the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website.

This is a special card that can only be acquired through the state of California. Passed in 1996 under the Compassionate Use Act, this unique recommendation is only available to those with specific qualifying conditions and allows holders to remain exempt from sales and use taxes. 

Because it is a state-run program, the requirements are a little more strict, but the benefits can be invaluable to those looking for some serious medical and financial relief. More information on the MMIC can be found on the CDPH website here


Our Summary For Both Recommendation Types: 

The need for a medical recommendation comes down to personal usage and how much cannabis you are planning on having in your possession. Both the MMIC and third-party recs let you have more products than recreational adult use allows, but if you do make frequent purchases and have a qualifying condition, save yourself that extra tax to ensure you can access all the medication you need when you need it.